IETrace 1.0

IETrace is a tool captures and shows the complete trace of HTTP/HTTPS...

IETrace is a tool captures and shows the complete trace of HTTP/HTTPS data sent and received by Internet Explorer while you navigate websites.

For each HTTP or HTTPS transaction (a request and its corresponding response) IETrace shows the following data in a well organized UI: Request data: request url, timestamp, request headers, cookies sent, query string parameters, request body (post data).

Response data: response status code, latency of the response, content-type and content-length, response headers, cookies set by the response, response body.

Feature Highlights -Capture only the data interesting to you using Advanced filter -Break down and show detailed data in a clear UI -Sort transactions by sequence, url, status, latency etc -copy data to clipboard -Save trace into files.

You choose what to save. -View saved traces in the same UI. -HTTPS data are shown in clear text. IETrace is a valuable tool for the following purposes: -Web application development -Web application testing -Identify web application performance problems -Quickly pinpoint problems when integrating multiple web applications -Analyze data flow of any web application.